Curved Towel Rails

Redundancy of straight, ordinary lines, render no opulence. For a change, Curved Towel Rails would be a better option. Curved Towel Rails are sleek, allowing you to spread the towel over it, neatly. Since the rails are curved, there are no harsh edges. These rails add to the grandeur of the bathroom decor. Besides keeping the towels and the bathroom warm, the Curved Towel Rails do not detract from the washroom’s interior furnishings and other embellishments.

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  • Why Curved Towel Rails From Tivolis

  • Why Select Curved Towel Rails Over Straight Towel Rails ?

  • Why Curved Towel Rails are Better?

Why Curved Towel Rails From Tivolis

Tivolis Design offers you a wide choice of Curved Towel Rails, at prices that are competitive. When you shop from Tivolis, you are also assured of the quality of the product. Tivolis displays, stocks, and supplies an abundance of options in terms of brands, prices, manufacturing material. You can also choose the input from central heating system, dual fuel, or electrical ones. You will be satisfied practically and economically while buying a Curved Towel Rail from Tivolis Design.

Why Select Curved Towel Rails Over Straight Towel Rails ?

You can buy towel rails with horizontal tubes that curve outwards very slightly for about the same price that you can buy straight towel rails for. Curved tubes do project an extra 5mm or so from the wall but in most instances this is not going to be an issue. Curved towel rails do have a more modern appearance about them and break the horizontal lines that are common in most tiled bathrooms. They help to make a feature of your designer radiator, especially when not draped in towels. The curvature is only slight, but it really enhances the towel rail’s appearance

Why Curved Towel Rails are Better?

The extra 5mm might not seem like much, but when you are warming towels on your radiator it means that there is more room to drape the towels properly. It mostly comes down to a personal choice regarding style as to whether you prefer straight or curved towel rails.