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A homeowner today still comes upon untrustworthy brands and low-quality products that create a lot of disappointment. Tivoli brings back the glory days of business ethics and ingenuity in quality, prices and material of their bathroom products and amenities. The company specializes in all types of radiators and towel warmers, to serve customers throughout the land. Their unmatched experience with these products is what makes them one of the largest independent radiator retailers in the UK.

Tivolis Design came into existence in 2012 and has fast grown to become a formidable presence in the radiator retail market. They are renowned for offering top radiator brands, in wide choices, at truly affordable prices. Tivolis design also ensures that your radiator purchase is a totally hassle free experience from start to finish.

Winters become a pleasant experience if you incorporate the most suitable radiators. Bathrooms are the coldest and most uncomfortable spaces in winter that may suffer when temperatures and heat are not managed efficiently. With Tivolis Design towel rails, warmers and radiators, you will forget the technical snags and substandard quality that you may have experienced in the past. Their highly efficient and dynamic heating appliances turn the environment to a warm one. Toasty towels are the icing on the cake, making the products from Tivolis design a prudent choice for quality rails and related accessories.

Bathroom advice from the Experts

Now, you can explore luxury, quality, sizes, shapes, designs, heating ability and a lot more, by visiting tivolisdesign.co.uk. Here you will find radiators from the most elegant to minimalist and standard ones, so you can make them part of your bathroom space. If you need help and advice on radiator installation or selection, then their qualified staff is always happy to help you. Their staff is well trained and experienced to offer the best advice and technical assistance when needed. Tivolis staff is just a phone call away!


Tivolis Designs is committed to achieving excellence in everything that they do. The company is constantly striving to offer only the very best products, at competitive prices, and always looking for fresh ways to improve their product line and customer service.