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Tips to Give Your Bathroom That Sixties Look

Nowadays it's common to find bathrooms fitted out with the ever popular minimalist look but there are signs that retro styles are heading for a comeback. If the idea of stepping back into the sixties inside your bathroom sounds like fun then follow our tips to give your bathroom that sixties look today

Pedestal Basins
If there is one piece of bathroom furniture that says 'sixties' it's the slim pedestal basin. This classic piece will instantly transform the look of the room and if you choose a colour such as pastel blue or pink you will really get that sixties vibe happening. Match a toilet and bath to the basin in the same colour and your bathroom will be instantly transported into full retro style. 

Retro Colours
The sixties colour palette was quite an interesting array of shades ranging from avocado green and pale blue, right through to bright orange and cranberry red. Browns and yellow are also excellent colour choices for your retro makeover.

Polka Dots and Patterns
If you're really feeling brave opt for polka dot prints on towels, bathroom accessories and shower curtains. Other patterns that reflect the sixties are large checks, stripes and bold geometrics. By incorporating these distinctive looks your bathroom will take on a genuine sixties feel.

Retro Replicas
You will find plenty of retro accessories in mainstream stores nowadays, mostly retro replicas, but retro style nonetheless! If you prefer to hunt down real retro pieces then take a trip into your local used goods store and you're likely to pick up all kinds of dated goodies. Ebay, garage sales and auction houses are other avenues to explore in your search for sixties wares. Round mirrors, glass jars and ball shaped light shades are just a few of the many items from the sixties that you can look forward to adding to your retro bathroom makeover.

Simple Style
No matter what your current bathroom style is, there is no reason why you can't transform it back some fifty odd years and enjoy an interior design look from the past. It's as simple as adding in some of the more obvious decorating components such as a coloured bathroom suite and accessories that display interesting patterns. Even something like an old radio can conjure up feelings of the sixties as would certain style clocks, peace symbols, flowers and smileys if you want to add something really quaint!

The choices are many and varied when it comes to giving your bathroom that sixties look, so select the pieces you love most and incorporate them into your bathroom today. If you do that then tomorrow you will be able to relive the retro days gone by every day and you'll be admired for your trendy style to boot. Once you've given your bathroom a sixties makeover, why not venture out into other rooms such as the bedroom and the kitchen. Before you know it you'll be an expert on sixties design tips and be helping out your friends and family with their retro revivals as well. The main thing is to have fun with it and enjoy your new bathroom interior.

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