Traditional Towel Rails

If the bathroom decor is more formal and traditional, then Traditional Towel Warmers would be the ideal choice.  The popularity of Traditional Towel Rails is on the rise. The Traditional Towel Warmers deliver old, Victorian touch to any bathroom, and besides this, they add a wow factor by emitting resplendent heat. Traditional Towel Rails feature latest technologies; ensuring luxury is delivered in a Victorian style. Available in a variety of sizes and orientation, a Traditional Towel Rail, can be picked for almost any bathroom from Tivolis Design.

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  • Why Traditional Towel Warmers from Tivolis?

  • How Towel Rails Became Popular in the United Kingdom?

  • Evolution of Towel Rails in United Kingdom

Why Traditional Towel Warmers from Tivolis?

There is an extensive range of Traditional Towel Warmers available at Tivolis Design. Wall mounted, or floor mounted, Towel Radiators in numerous shapes, sizes, and materials, can be availed of at Tivolis Design. Tivolis Design is one of the largest stockiest of quality radiators and towel rails, manufactured by famous brands from Europe. Hence, quality will never be a concern while buying a Traditional Towel Rail from Tivolis Design. The prices offered on all the models, irrespective of brands, will certainly tempt you.

How Towel Rails Became Popular in the United Kingdom?

Towel rails enjoyed a brief popularity in the 1920s but were then forgotten until the affluence of the 1990s led so many people to refurbish their 1970s bathrooms.

By the 1990s central heating was commonplace. Bathrooms included a radiator that was used for airing and drying towels, but bathroom radiators are usually too small to drape a towel over very effectively. The remedy to this was a more open network of hot water pipes covering a large-enough area that a bath towel could be hung over it.

Evolution of Towel Rails in United Kingdom

Chrome-finished towel rails were seen in hotel bathrooms and in television shows. This led to the popularisation of the chromium towel rails that we see today. They present a focal point in our modern bathrooms that previously had nothing to attract the eye.

Electric towel rails or dual fuel ones (electric in summer and hot water in winter) have proliferated even in homes without central heating as people want to be warm when they step out of the bath or shower.