Towel Rails

Discerning bathrooms need something significant, and this unique feeling can be attained by simply adding a Towel Rail in the bathroom. Designer Towel Rails are now available in a variety of designs, which makes it easier for you to choose the appropriate piece, for your existing bathroom setting. By installing a Towel Rail in your bathroom, you not only get toasty towels after your baths or showers, but also soothing ambiance.

  • Designer Towel Rails at Tivolis

  • Why Choose Towel Warmers from Tivolis Design?

  • How to Buy a Towel Rail

Designer Towel Rails at Tivolis

Boosting pleasances, the Towel Rails also elevates the dullest of bathroom with stunning aesthetics. Towel Rails at Tivolis are available in various shapes, like curved, straight, and traditional, which allows you to, carefreely convert your bathroom into a coziest space. Tivolis Design stocks brands like DQ Heating, Apollo, SBH, and many more, which means, this is a complete house of enormous Towel Rails that are manufactured by trusted companies.

Why Choose Towel Warmers from Tivolis Design?

With a versatile range of different brands, Tivolis Design manages to fulfill every, individual’s dream of having a sensational comfort. With just a click and Tivolis Design will allow you to explore an array of towel warmers ranging from different size and shapes. Featuring straight, curved, traditional, and electric towel rails in a variety of finishes, you need not hunt your desired model, elsewhere. The prices offered on all the Towel Rails at Tivolis Design are unbeatable, and we offer prompt delivery, as most of the items are in stock.

How to Buy a Towel Rail

Towel rails in bathrooms make the world of difference in terms of style and comfort, but if you are buying a towel rail you have a few decisions to make:
•    An electric towel rail or one that runs off your central heating?
•    A full height towel rail, or a half height model
•    Chrome, gold or enamel effect
•    Straight or curved
Electric towel rails have the advantage that they can be programmed to give you warm towels totally independently from your central heating timer. The best models can be used as electric radiators in the summer and central heating ones in the winter. A tall model will allow you to drape bath sheets over it for a real touch of luxury and will provide more heat to your bathroom.