Vertical Flat Panel Radiators

‘More’, is certainly every one’s desire, and these Vertical Flat Panel Radiators are the ones that provide you something extra. Flat panel radiators have a cleaner look and come in a wide range of factory finishes from mirror-effect stainless steel to a natural wood panel. You can choose a radiator in the same colour as your wall and make it almost invisible or you can make it a contemporary design feature, the choice is yours to make.

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  • Why Vertical Flat Panel Radiators at Tivolis?

  • What are Flat Panel Radiators?

Why Vertical Flat Panel Radiators at Tivolis?

Being one the biggest sellers of towel rails, radiators, and other heating elements, Tivolis design stocks a vast range of Flat Panel Radiators. You can choose from a variety of design and sizes offered at Tivolis. Prominent brands, from UK and other parts of Europe, are all available at Tivolis Design, and that too, at extremely competitive price. Get a perfect, Vertical Flat Panel Radiator today from Tivolis Design, and at affordable pricing.

What are Flat Panel Radiators?

Flat panel radiators have a totally flat front panel rather than the fluted panel that everyday compact radiators have.

The best flat panel radiators are designed with an integral neat and tidy flat front panel. The concept originated in architect specified radiators, and these limited production radiators are expensive. They are often made from thicker steel and will last longer than lower specification models.

Mass-produced flat panel radiators are now available. These are made from standard gauge steel, and still come with a good guarantee. They have a clip on front flat panel that is attached permanently in the manufacturing process, but the radiator itself is the normal fluted one underneath.