Radiator Feets

If you are looking for a floor mountable radiator, you need a soothing Radiator Feet. Radiator Feet are designed to stand the weight of the radiator. Normally small feets for radiators are used, where the wall supporting radiators are not strong enough.  The sturdy large feet are used for supporting large radiators. The radiator feet vary in finishes, from high gloss silver finish to black coloured ones and can be chosen from various sizes and designs.

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  • Why Radiator Feets From Tivolis Design?

Why Radiator Feets From Tivolis Design?

Radiator Feet showcased at Tivolis Design, inevitably blends with the overall decor home; and are not an eyesore. At Tivolis Design, the wide range of the Radiator Feet available, will meet the requirements of even the most fastidious home owner. Small or large, the Radiator Feet are available in different metallic finishes, to match the decor. You will be thrilled to experience fastest deliver, and incredibly low price, offered by Tivolis Design.