Radiator Brackets

Radiators are normally used for radiators to fix along the walls. These Wall Brackets are attached at the back of the radiator, to support the heaviest of radiators. Available in various shapes and sizes, to suit the interiors, the Wall Brackets are manufactured intricately. Cast Iron Wall Brackets and Luxury Brackets can be availed in polished chrome, polished brass, black nickel, antique brass, and some other sensational finishes, to add to beauty of the interiors.

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  • Why Radiator Brackets from Tivolis Design?

  • Is it Safe To Use Dual Fuel Radiator?

  • Dual Fuel Radiators

Why Radiator Brackets from Tivolis Design?

Tivolis Design, being the foremost online store for Radiators and Radiator Accessories, stocks a wide range of radiator Brackets. Only high quality, reliable, and sturdy Wall Brackets are stocked at Tivolis; hence safety of the radiator is rest assured. User friendly on-line features of Tivolis Design, allow you to, quickly choose the appropriate wall bracket for your wall hung radiator, at a remarkably low price.

Is it Safe To Use Dual Fuel Radiator?

Dual fuel radiators are designed especially for bathrooms so you can have a warm bathroom even on chilly summer mornings when your central heating is switched off. They run from a spur socket in your bathroom and are innately safe. If you hire a qualified electrician to install the spur socket then the risk of a shock is removed. (Remember you cannot have an ordinary wall socket in a bathroom). You do not need to worry about water and electricity if the installation is done professionally.

Dual Fuel Radiators

The bottom of the radiator contains a thermostatically heating element that heats the water just in the radiator making it much cheaper than heating all the water in your heating system. Sometimes this element is sold separately, but usually it is included. The only safety factor to watch for is that if you are buying a separate element you will need to be careful to buy one that matches the recommended rating for the radiator.