Straight Towel Rails

Some designs never go out of fashion, they always seem to be pleasing, like the Straight Towel Rails. The straight towel rails give the option of hanging towels of various sizes. Besides offering a warm towel after a bath or shower, these towel rails deliver marvellous heat, keeping the ambience, spectacularly warm and comfortable. Straight Towel Rails are elegant and efficient and accord with any interiors. Straight Towel Rails are available in a large number of sizes, designs, and orientation.

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  • Why Straight Towel Warmers from Tivolis

  • Why Select Straight Towel Rails over Curved Towel Rails?

  • Why Straight Towel Warmer is Better?

Why Straight Towel Warmers from Tivolis

The best place to buy a Straight Towel Rail is from Tivolis Design.  Reputed designers and architects have always trusted towel rails from Tivolis Design, as only prominent brands are sold here. A huge range of Straight Towel Warmers at prices that will make your heart flip with joy are showcased at our on-line store. Tivolis Design believes in giving you value for money, hence, assurance of quality. Detailed information of every product is provided, to ensure, you choose the exact model.   

Why Select Straight Towel Rails over Curved Towel Rails?

Towel rails are available with tubes that are all parallel with the wall (straight towel rails) or with rails that curve outwards very slightly. Similar styles are available in curved and straight towel rails and prices are similar. Curved towel rails do project an extra few millimetres from the wall, typically 5mm (0.5cm). The extra projection from the wall is more for visual effect than for any reason of practicality. It does make the radiator appear much deeper, which you might not want in a small bathroom or cloakroom.

Why Straight Towel Warmer is Better?

If you are not planning on your designer radiator being a focal point in your room then a straight-tubed model will work better for you. If you are tiling your bathroom then a straight towel rail will look better, with the tubes perfectly aligned with the horizontal tile boundaries than a curved one will. This is especially true if you are using border tiles.