Electric Towel Rails

For a fast moving pace, you need elements that do not take much time in delivering results, such is an Electric Towel warmer that also, help in curtailing the utility costs. Electric Towel Warmers, use lower electricity, than the laundry cost of keeping the towels fresh and dry, as they operate with low wattage heating elements. These towel rails are not only economical for heating the towels and the surroundings, but also safe.

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  • Why Electronic Towel Warmers From Tivolis Design?

  • Electric Towel Rails over Central Heating Towel Rails

  • Electric Towel Warmers Do Not Leak

Why Electronic Towel Warmers From Tivolis Design?

Tivolis Design offers classy Electric Towel Warmers, to fit your budget. From simple plug-in and hard- wired heated towel racks, to high-end electronic ones, you can get them all at Tivolis Design. Whether your choice is chrome, white finish or stainless steel, Tivolis offers them at bargain prices. Tivolis is a choosy stockiest of economical, quality, and good looking Electric Towel Rails, manufactured by trusted brands. No wonder it is said, you can’t go wrong when you shop at Tivolis.

Electric Towel Rails over Central Heating Towel Rails

Electric towel rails have quite a few advantages over central heating ones. 

They are easier to install
– All you need is an electrical spur outlet in your bathroom. Installing one is still a job for a professional but it is much easier and less costly than extending your central heating system and ripping up a tiled bathroom floor.

They can be fitted with timers – You need your towel rail warm at different times from the ones you need you heating on at. You will want to dry off your towel after your morning shower, when the heating goes off. An electric towel rail will give you a dry towel in no time, whereas the central heating rail only starts to dry your towel when the heating comes on again in the evening.

Electric Towel Warmers Do Not Leak

They don’t leak – Radiator valves leak, especially if they are turned on and off all the time. An electric towel rail is a sealed unit with no valves that need to be opened and closed daily. They can be used all year round – In the summer most people turn off their central heating system and their central heating towel rail at the same time. An electric towel rail can warm your towels and the bathroom 12 months of the year without the associated bills that come with running the central heating.