Horizontal Flat Panel Radiators

Technological advances benefit all, which can be clearly experienced from Horizontal, Flat Panel Radiators. Every Horizontal, Flat Panel Radiator or a Towel Warmer generates heat, to upscale your living standard, beyond perception. Flat Panel Radiators with Horizontal orientation adds remarkable allure to any home decor, and are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and finishes, enabling you to select the perfectly requiring model as per the area of space.

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  • Why Horizontal Panel Radiator from Tivolis?

  • Difference Between Compact and Flat Panel Radiators

  • More About Flat Panel Radiators

Why Horizontal Panel Radiator from Tivolis?

Tivolis Design name has become synonymous with radiators and heated towel rails. With most of reputed brands on board, Tivolis offers a large range of Horizontal, Flat Panel Radiators. By representing well known manufacturers, Tivolis assures quality Flat Panel Towel Rails and Radiators, at economical prices. You will love to buy a Horizontal, Flat Panel Radiator from Tivolis as you know, what you are buying. Tivolis provides complete details, including fitting instruction, aiding you to get desired heat, comfortably.

Difference Between Compact and Flat Panel Radiators

Compact radiators are the most common type found in homes and offices. They are very efficient, have a large surface area to lose heat from and are low cost. Flat panel radiators have a flat front panel rather than the columns the hot water flows through that a compact radiator has. They are neater looking and easier to clean than compact radiators. Flat panel radiators are usually more expensive than compact ones, because they are targeted at architects rather than cash-strapped householders. In the future they may become the norm, but they need to be mass-produced first to bring down their costs.

More About Flat Panel Radiators

Cheaper flat panel radiators usually use a clip on panel that is attached at the factory to a traditional compact radiator. There is still an extra material and manufacturing cost, but much less so than in the bespoke flat panel radiators where style is a lot more important than cost.