Flat Panel Radiators

For brilliant ambiance at home, office, or a bathroom, a Flat Panel Radiator can be opted. With smooth, flat surface, Flat Panel Radiators deliver remarkable heat output. Besides, offering majestic appeal to the space, these radiators are functional in use. Straight, unfussy lines of Flat Panel Radiators blend beautifully with any existing decor. Flat Panel Radiators are suitable for semi modern, ultra-modern and even traditional homes.

  • Why Flat Panel Radiators?

  • Why Flat Panel Radiators from Tivolis Design?

  • Buying Guide for Flat Panel Radiators

Why Flat Panel Radiators?

Flat Panel Radiators behove minimalistic design, with easy-to-install feature. Elegant panels, though flat, renders exorbitant heat. Flat Panel Radiators also accords well with any interiors, while the availability of finishes and sizes, makes it easy for you to pick the right charmer, depending upon the size of the space. At Tivolis Design one can avail, enormous collection of Flat Panel Radiators, then why choose a normal radiator.

Why Flat Panel Radiators from Tivolis Design?

Being one on of the largest stockiest of Flat Panel Radiators, Tivolis Design homes brands like DQ Heating, Stelrad, Biasi, Apollo, and many more. With the presence of every Flat Panel Radiator manufactured by trusted brands of UK, Tivolis Design, never lets you down when it comes to have a tailor made radiator for your home, office, or bathroom. Offering remarkable discounts on all the brands, Tivolis Design also manages to deliver radiators, on next working day. *Conditions Apply.

Buying Guide for Flat Panel Radiators

Flat panel radiators are basically of two types; those that are designed as flat panels, and those that use a flat panel clipped onto a standard radiator. The second type is much cheaper because most of the radiator is a mass-produced product and only the clip-on panel is bespoke. Flat panels that are aimed at architects will be more expensive bespoke radiators that are designed to sit close to the wall and give off the maximum amount of heat. They are designed to take up the minimum of space. Radiators with a longer guarantee period are made of thicker steel, with more welding points, so they will last longer without leaking.