Traditional Radiators

Traditional designs are coming into vogue. They are becoming the rage with the younger generation, who want to experience the opulence of their ancestors. Viva-le-Victorian seems to have become the new adage.  The Traditional Designer Radiators are, hence becoming the preferred choice of the homeowners today. Despite of being traditional in design, these radiators, feature the latest technologies, to fulfil your warming desires.

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  • Why Traditional Designer Radiators From Tivolis?

  • Buying Guide For Traditional Radiators

  • Valve Fitting For Traditional Radiators

Why Traditional Designer Radiators From Tivolis?

Tivolis is known for offering a wide and varied range of heating elements, Tivolis has on display a plethora of Traditional Designer Radiators, that are sure to take your breath away. Tivolis offers traditional style Designer Towels Radiators from reputed manufacturers, at never-before-heard-of prices.   

Buying Guide For Traditional Radiators

Traditional designer radiators offer you modern style at affordable prices. Their chrome finish makes them a functional feature in your décor. There are many designs to choose from and you need to consider a few factors when you are choosing one of these stylish radiators:

Heat Output – If this is your only heat source in the room then it needs to have a large enough heat output to make the room comfortable. Choose one with an output substantially higher than online calculators tell you that you need. This is because most people do not run their heating at 900C. If you are running your heating at 60 Degree Celcius then the radiator’s output will be reduced.

Area – It has to fit in the space available for the radiator. Bathrooms especially usually have limited wall space.

Depth – How far out your new radiator projects from the wall can be crucial in a bathroom project where space is limited.

Valve Fitting For Traditional Radiators

If you are trying to replace an old radiator with a modern one then you may want to minimise plumbing work and the unavoidable disruption that it causes. If you can find a traditional designer radiator with similar distances between the valves and valves at the same height then the job will be much more simple.