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Bathrooms and homes with contemporary decor need Modern style Designer Radiators, to either keep the towels, and surroundings warm, and to give room a modern appeal.  For those, seeking exclusivity and modernity combined into one, the Modern Designer radiators will be an ideal option for the bathroom. Modern, Designer Towel Radiators, are available in a variety of finishes and design, bringing elitism and richness to any space. These radiators have taken the designer instincts of UK homeowners, at a different level.

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  • Why Buy Modern Designer Radiators from Tivolis?

  • How Modern Designer Radiators Have Evolved over Time

  • More on Designer Radiators

Why Buy Modern Designer Radiators from Tivolis?

Tivolis has, within a brief span of time, carved a niche for itself in the radiator sector. It offers a large range of radiators from the best brands, making it one of the most preferred sites for radiators and towel rails. With its wide range of Modern Designer Towel Rails and Radiators, from well known brands, Tivolis becomes the inevitable choice for shoppers looking for a combination of quality at economical price.    

How Modern Designer Radiators Have Evolved over Time

Radiators originated in the 18th Century in Russia. Early radiators were cast iron, so mass-production was not possible. Victorian public buildings used cast iron radiators rather than have scores of fireplaces in their different rooms.  Radiators came to American homes in the 1950s and to the British homes in the 1970s; these were the pressed steel corrugated radiators that we now call compact radiators to differentiate them from more contemporary designs. The first designer radiators were the brainchild of Geoffrey Ward from Bisque Radiators in 1979. The very first designer radiators were towel rails, and these quickly developed into more revolutionary designs.

More on Designer Radiators

Designer radiators by definition are made to order and architects started to specify unique radiators in their showpiece designs. They would use stainless steel and chrome plated radiators to great effect. Radiators with unique shapes were designed as statement pieces: These included coiled springs and hoops made from stainless steel. As production techniques improved designer radiators were mass-produced and chrome finished radiators made of polished circular cross-section pipework are now common-place in ordinary homes. Designer radiators are now available in all manner of shapes and finishes and demand is increasing as we all use these to make our own design statements in our homes.