700mm Height Radiators

Tivolis stocks only high performance, high efficiency, Compact Radiators on display. Since the site is exclusively devoted to radiators, it makes certain, that the quality of the Compact Radiators on our on-line store exceeds your expectations. You can get the widest range of Compact Radiators above 700 heights, here. If you cannot find a radiator to satisfy your needs here, it is doubtful that you will find it anywhere.

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  • How One Can Save Utility Bills By Using Compact Radiators

  • Fit Radiators With Thermostatic Valve

  • Why Tivolis Design?

How One Can Save Utility Bills By Using Compact Radiators

Compact radiators are very efficient. They contain much less water than cast iron radiators, so your central heating system heats up faster and is more responsive. When the room thermostat reaches the required level it can be programmed to switch off the boiler and pump. Your radiators will continue to give out heat for a while, but they cool down quickly so less heat is wasted when you go out and the room is empty.

Fit Radiators With Thermostatic Valve

You can fit your radiators with thermostatic valves which will allow you to vary the temperatures in different parts of your home. These are often used as an alternative to the flow-control valve that every radiator has, but you can achieve similar temperature variations around your home by adjusting the flow control valves on all your compact radiators. If you open the valve the radiator will be warmer and you can reduce the radiator temperature and heat output in bedrooms and hallways by closing the valve slightly.

Why Tivolis Design?

Choosing the right radiator is often a tedious task, but with Tivolis Design, the job becomes pleasingly easier. Compact Radiators offered at Tivolis, are produced from the best quality materials, by the renowned brands of UK and Europe. Showcasing a vast range of Compact Radiators with the height above 700mm, Tivolis becomes the premium choice of choosy homeowners.