600mm Height Radiators

A fusion of fashion and functionality, Compact Radiators of 600 to 700mm height, have a heat generating capacity ranging from about 2500 to 3500 BTU per hour, depending on the make and model. These Compact Radiators heat up the room without marring the aesthetic beauty of the room. No more cold winds blowing in through the window into the room, it is just warmth and coziness, with any Compact Radiator that you choose from Tivolis Design.

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  • Why Select Compact Radiators Based On Height?

  • Why Use Heighted Convector Radiators?

  • What are Panel and Convector Radiators?

Why Select Compact Radiators Based On Height?

All radiators work by creating warm air currents that move around the room. They are really convectors rather than radiators. Cooler air is drawn in at the bottom and is heated as it rises though the radiator. Taller radiators will heat the air to a higher temperature, creating a more effective convection effect than short radiators. Using taller radiators also gives you more wall space. Most of us do not do anything useful with the space above a radiator except possibly hang a picture. Taller narrower radiators give you more options to arrange your furniture. They also give a more contemporary look, especially when you choose radiators that are designed to be features rather than just functional heating appliances.

Why Use Heighted Convector Radiators?

Height is also a limiting factor when you are choosing a radiator for under a window. The width is always flexible to some extent but you can never go higher than the window sill. Short radiators may be more what you are looking for to run along skirting boards. This is another modern style, effectively making your radiators invisible and giving you back a large amount of wall space to help you to achieve a contemporary minimalist décor.

What are Panel and Convector Radiators?

All radiators have panels and all radiators work as convectors, so panel and convector radiators are just different descriptions applied to the same products. Radiators are normally classified as single or double panel radiators depending whether they have one or two banks of water-filled heating tubes. A double panel radiator will give you more heat than a single panel radiator with the same area. Convector radiators have extra fins to increase their heat output. In a single panel radiator the fins will be at the back. In a double panel radiator the extra convection fins are between the two panels. The fins increase the heat transfer to air that flows over them, so the air coming out of a convection radiator with fins will have a higher temperature than that coming out of a radiator without fins. Convector radiators also cool down faster when the heating is turned off, making them more efficient.