Compact Radiators

Like other radiators, Compact Radiators also emit heat by radiation and convection. However, Compact Radiators have the added advantages of having top grills and end panels, which give them a higher aesthetic appeal.  Places where space is at a premium, Compact Radiators stand out stupendously with minimalistic height from 300 to 700mm. Despite of being compact in design, these radiators deliver outstanding heat, to keep you cozy, especially during winters.

  • Why Compact Radiators?

  • Why Compact Radiators from Tivolis Design?

  • Why Buy Compact Radiators?

Why Compact Radiators?

Compact Radiators are sleeker. They are the ultimate solution to those seeking a combination of space saving radiators, which can emit sufficient heat supply, and keep the surroundings warm.  Compact Radiators are ideal for small rooms having space constraints. They not only provide ample heat but also do not clutter up the place as they look attractive. Compact Radiators, having discreet appearance, and are pleasing to the eye.    

Why Compact Radiators from Tivolis Design?

Tivolis Design offers a wide range of Compact Radiators to choose, with minimal heights of 300, 400, 500, 600, and 700mm. Attractive and sleek models of reputed brands are on display here. At Tivolis Design, one can not only be rest assured of the quality, but also other vital aspects like on time delivery, after sales service and competitive prices. At Tivolis, we have a wider choice of superior quality radiators at never-before-imagined prices.     

Why Buy Compact Radiators?

Compact radiators are designed to give you the maximum heat output from a given area of radiator. Radiators give out most of their heat by creating convection currents of warm air. Compact radiators are very efficient convectors because they have extra fins at the back or between the heating panels. There are a few companies that manufacture compact radiators, and each has a slightly different appearance, so find the design that you prefer as a first step. Check the warranty that the company offers on the products you are looking at; guarantee length is an indication of the quality of the product you are buying. Use an online calculator to determine the heat output that you need, measure the area of wall that you have available, including the height and width. Radiators are available in single, double and triple panels, all with convection fins. Triple and double panel compact radiators project further from the wall but look neater than single panel models.