400mm Height Radiator

This attractive and stylish range of Compact Radiators from 400 to 500mm height is the answer to rooms, where space is at a premium. The installation of these Compact Radiators is easy. Besides looking smart, these Compact Radiators have a grill across the top and panels along the sides, adding to the aesthetic value. For medium size rooms, Compact Radiators with height between 400 to 500mm are the ideal option.

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  • Why One Should Buy Branded Compact Radiators?

  • Advantages Of Branded Radiators.

  • Why Tivolis Design?

Why One Should Buy Branded Compact Radiators?

Compact radiators may all look the same, but there are quality differences between brands and between branded and unbranded radiators. The main differences are in the gauge of steel used and in the number of welding points in the construction of the radiator. Better quality radiators use more steel, so you can expect them to cost slightly more, but they will last longer and give you fewer problems than non-branded radiators.

Advantages Of Branded Radiators.

Branded radiators usually come with a 10 year guarantee, rather than a 5 year one. This is an indicator of the confidence that the manufacturer has in the product. You really do not want to be replacing radiators sooner than you have to just because wanted to save a few pounds. Branded radiators also offer many more variations in style and sizes than non-branded ones. Given that compact radiators are an obvious feature in any room it does make sense to consider their style and finish when replacing or specifying new radiators.

Why Tivolis Design?

You are secure about the quality of any Compact Radiator, when you purchase it from Tivolis Design. The best brands in UK display their goods here. Tivolis is one of the web-store with maximum hits from shoppers demanding quality radiators at affordable prices, and Tivolis never fails to fulfill their demand, by offering a massive range of Compact Radiators, at distinctively discounted prices.