300mm Height Radiators

Slim, trim and minimalistic, Compact Radiators up to 300mm height are ideal for compact rooms where it can be fitted without proving to be an eye-sore. The refined styling of these Compact Radiators, blend with any décor of the room. Despite of being minuscule in appearance, the Compact Radiator emits unbelievable heat. Available in various finishes and widths, these radiators can stand out with any home decor.

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  • Why Choose Radiators from Tivolis Design?

  • Gas Or Electric Which Central Heating Is Cheaper

  • Maintenance Cost With Gas

Why Choose Radiators from Tivolis Design?

Almost every reputed brand in the UK that manufactures Compact Radiators of 300mm height is showcased at Tivolis Design. You can thus view all of them and pick and choose the one that suits your abode. At Tivolis, one can not only get the choicest brands, but also the best prices. Thus to shop wisely, shop from Tivolis Design, and also enjoy instant delivery, on any brand.

Gas Or Electric Which Central Heating Is Cheaper

Gas central heating is cheaper. Most of our electricity is made in gas-fired power stations but there are energy losses in the process, so electricity will always cost more. Even if you consider restricted hour tariffs gas heating works out cheaper.
Electric storage heaters lose heat to the room even when they are not switched on. Heat equals money, so these heaters are effectively leaking pound coins even as they sit there unused on a warm day.

Maintenance Cost With Gas

There are maintenance costs with gas, but even when you pay for an annual boiler service call the gas heating option works out a lot cheaper.