Vertical Column Radiators

Column radiators, as the name suggests, are complied with a number of columns. Since they are made of columns they have greater surface area, allowing for more effective convection, which helps in heating up the surroundings quickly.  Vertical Column Radiators are neat and attractive and can fit into almost any space without much ado. Vertical Column Radiators are an attractive solution for effective heat at any desired space.

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  • What Are Column Radiators?

  • Advantages of Column Radiators

  • Disadvantages Of Column Radiators

What Are Column Radiators?

Column radiators have vertical columns for the water to travel up. These are separate from one another, with air gaps between one column and the next. They are deeper than a standard compact radiator and resemble Victorian cast-iron radiators in style. There are air gaps between the columns and each column will usually have two or three sub-columns placed one in front of the other. Two-column radiators have two banks of columns and three-column radiators use three banks of heating columns, so they have a higher heat output per square foot. Column radiators are usually factory-finished with spray paints in a wide range of colours, including metallic effects.

Advantages of Column Radiators

Column radiators are usually chosen for their style. If you want your radiators to make a statement then you might want to consider column radiators finished in copper, gold or silver effects. You can order them unfinished but manufacturers recommend that you use spray paints to get the best effects. You can specify your column radiators in almost any colour you choose either to match the wall behind the radiator or to complement and contrast with it. Column radiators hold more hot water than standard radiators, so they will stay warmer for longer when your heating is turned off.

Disadvantages Of Column Radiators

Column radiators do hold a lot more water than a plain compact radiator. This means that your heating will take longer to warm up because the boiler has to heat the bigger volume of water in your system. They will also continue to give out heat for up to an hour after the heating is turned off. This means that you need to bring forward your switch-off time to prevent your radiators giving out expensive heat after the whole family has gone to bed. They are difficult to paint with a brush when you redecorate and you will need to buy spray paints designed for radiators.