Horizontal Column Radiators

Electrifying charm coupled with modern techniques has resulted into the creation of Horizontal Column Radiators. Blending your home decor with the charismatic feel, the Column Radiators in Horizontal orientation, add further magnetism to the comfortable setting of your house. The advantage of Horizontal Column Radiators is that they emit greater heat, occupying less space. Besides all this, they feature elegant looks, to make any space attractively practical

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  • Advantages of Column Radiators

  • Advantages of Column Radiators Contd..

  • Why Column Radiators at Tivolis Design?

Advantages of Column Radiators

A column radiator will have a larger surface area exposed to the air, so it will have a larger output than a standard compact radiator with the same area. This may allow you to run your boiler at a lower temperature and to save energy by doing so. You can buy column radiators in a wide range of styles, from skirting board radiators to ceiling high models. You can buy them in a wide range of outputs depending how many columns each bank has: Manufacturers make single column radiators, twin and triple column radiators, four-column and even six-column models, with increasing heat outputs per square foot as the number of columns increases.

Advantages of Column Radiators Contd..

Column radiators are available in a range of moulded finishes that mimic Greek or Roman carvings. These really mean that your radiators will be unique and that they will be wonderful features in your décor, rather than eyesores that you have to try to minimise by painting them the same colour as the walls. Column radiators are perfect if you have a retro-style décor in your home, and you can just replace one radiator at a time as you redecorate. You can specify each radiator’s colour as you choose the colours you intend to use in the room.

Why Column Radiators at Tivolis Design?

Gaining prominence day-by-day, Tivolis Design never fails to introduce you with innovative glee and trendsetting style. Here, Tivolis displays and supplies an array of Horizontal Column Radiators, in a wide range of sizes, designs, and finishes, for you to choose a perfectly soothing model. At Tivolis, you are assured of quality, for it offers you choice of multiple, reputed brands. When you shop at Tivolis Design you get eminent Horizontal Column Radiator at economic rate.