Column Radiators

With immense progress in the designs of radiators, and with innovative techniques and breathtaking styles, heating industry opens a designer concept perspective. Presenting, Column Radiators, which are the successor of old fashioned radiators, and are no more just a heating element, but also provides ravishing touch to any home decor. Featuring 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 columns, Column Radiator come in a variety of sizes. Now no matter how large or compact, your space is, Column Radiators can efficiently heat, every desired room.

  • Why Column Radiators

  • Why Column Radiators from Tivolis Design

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Why Column Radiators

Column Radiators are a revolutionary creation, which can not only generate remarkable heat, but also uplifts the decor by their presence. Column Radiators are available in a variety of finishes, designs and sizes, hence the concern of perfect match, eradicates. These radiators are easy to install, consumes less energy and at the same time, they are attractive. Enjoy fantastic winters with ingenious of Column Radiators.

Why Column Radiators from Tivolis Design

Tivolis Design is a dedicated site for radiators and towel rails; hence, you will find endless range of Column Radiators, here. With over 30, renowned brands listed on our on-line store, we are a radiator specialist. If you are searching for an appropriate Column Radiator, there is no on-line store like Tivolis Design. The immeasurable stock of Column Radiator at Tivolis Design, feature a variety of style, finishes, and orientation. Tivolis Design offers exceptional prices on the entire range of Column Radiator.d

Why Buy Column Radiators?

Column radiators are a modern take on traditional cast-iron radiators. They are designed to give out more heat per square foot of wall-space taken up than a cast iron radiator does. They do this by having narrower vertical columns for the hat water to flow through and narrower spaces between the columns. Column radiators are available in both horizontal and vertical formats, so you will always find one to suit the space you have. Twin column and triple column models are available with the triple column radiators giving out more heat and being eminently suitable if you run your central heating at a lower temperature such as 50 Degree Celcius. Buyers should be aware that column rads project further from the wall than the traditional panel radiators, so allowances need to be made for the extra depth. This means that water inlet and outlets will also be further out from the wall and may mean more plumbing work to move the pipes.