Modern Cast Iron

Modern Cast Iron Radiators are often described as “work of art in iron.” Cast Iron heats much more efficiently than other metals like aluminium and steel.  Cast Iron Radiators gently emit heat causing less air and dust movement. They are thus healthier than radiators of other metals. These radiators can even be placed close to a window, preventing cold air from entering the room. Some Modern Cast Iron Radiators are so small that they can be placed even in the compact corners of a room.

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  • Why Modern Cast Iron Radiators from Tivolis

  • History of Towel Rails

  • History of Radiators - Continued

Why Modern Cast Iron Radiators from Tivolis

Tivolis believes in offering a wide range for the homeowner, to pick and choose. When you purchase any Modern style Cast Iron Radiator from Tivolis, you are assured of quality, delivery on time, the best price and, last but not the least, par excellence after-sales-service.  Tivolis has the best brands on display, brands that are reputed and well known throughout UK, brands that have won the hearts of one and all.      

History of Towel Rails

The first towel rails were simple cast iron radiators and these date back to the 1700s in Russia. These came to Britain, to royalty anyway, in Queen Victoria’s reign.

In the 1920s specially designed bath radiators came into fashion. These had the same open design that modern heated towel rails have, though they were more bulky, often 9” to 18” deep. In the Great Depression economy became the order of the day once more and towel rails were relegated to history books until the affluence of the 1990s.

Heated towel rails became a required item in any luxury architect-designed bathroom in the 1990s and have since become essential style items in any bathroom refurbishment project.

History of Radiators - Continued

Modern radiators may be heated by the home’s central heating system or by an electrical heating element. Some dual-fuel towel rails can be heated by electricity in summer and by central heating pipes in the cooler months when the heating is operating.

Chrome-finished towel rails now combine different roles. They serve as decorative focal points for the bathroom, warm towels when necessary and heat the bathroom all at the same time. Different combinations of heating elements mean that there is always going to be a towel rail that is perfect for your new bathroom.