Cast Iron Radiators

During winters, Cast Iron Radiators keep the chilling cold at bay, warming up not only the home but also the cockles of your heart with their design, which will lend old world charm to your house. Many types of radiators are available today, but Cast Iron Radiators are preferred as they heat slowly and also poised slowly, to provide gentle and consistent heating. Cast iron radiators are still considered being one of the most comfortable and durable ways of heating a room.  

  • Why Cast Iron Radiators?

  • Why Cast Iron Radiators at Tivolis Design?

  • How to Buy Cast Iron Radiators?

Why Cast Iron Radiators?

Ecology has become a global issue. Eco-friendly products have become the need of the hour. Thus while selecting any product for your home, the first things that comes to mind, would be, whether the product is user friendly, economical in the long run and will its aesthetic beauty enhance the classiness of the interiors. In all these aspects, Cast Iron Radiators steal a march over the others. Cast iron radiators have proven to consume lower power energy, benefiting in two ways; the lower consumption of electricity is a step in the eco-friendly direction, and it also saves on bills. The Cast Iron Radiators also have the old Victorian charm, which will add to the aesthetic beauty of your home and hearth.   

Why Cast Iron Radiators at Tivolis Design?

When you think of Cast Iron Radiators, the immediate thought that springs to mind is durability, and visual appeal. Tivolis Design, with its wide range, offers both. It has Cast Iron Radiators of all sizes, shapes and finishes, and there are a number of brands available at tivolis design, offering innumerable Cast Iron Radiators. As far as the finish is concerned, one can avail Cast Iron Radiators in different finishes, to make a perfect match with your existing decor. Be it brand, finish, size or height you cannot do better without Tivolis Design, they are all available at this one shop site.    

How to Buy Cast Iron Radiators?

You can still buy new cast iron radiators from specialist manufacturers or on-line stores like Tivolis Design. To Buy Cast Iron Radiators, one has to decide on. The heat output that is required, the style of the radiator, and the finish of the radiator. Heat output/requirement calculators are available, or one can measure their current panel radiators, when looking to buy for cast iron rads that have an equivalent output. There is a very wide choice of styles from squat to traditional school-type radiators. Cast-iron radiator manufacturers offer their products in a range of finishes including hammered copper and silver effects. Spray paint works better and you can buy them finished in many different colours.