Heating Elements

Heating Elements are the most essential accessories for electric towel rails and radiators. The base component of a Heating Element is the semiconductor heater segment, which has to be manufactured up to the highest standards, to meet the most stringent tests. Heating Elements are available in a variety of versions, which can be used with electric towel warmers, water based, and oil based radiators. A reliable Heating Element can efficiently heat-up your space, providing unbelievable pleasures, especially during winters.

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  • Why Heating Elements from Tivolis Design

  • How a Radiator is different from a Towel Rail

  • More on Difference Between Towel Rails and Radiator

Why Heating Elements from Tivolis Design

The Heating Elements available at Tivolis, are all from well known brands, which are manufactured under quality control standards, to provide even heat, without any danger of scalding.  There is scarcely any chance of burnt heaters or cold lengths on the radiators, when you fit Heating Elements from Tivolis. With a massive stock of Heating Elements, Tivolis Design is able, to deliver one, at the earliest, and at an economical price.

How a Radiator is different from a Towel Rail

A radiator is usually designed to give out maximum heat output for the area that it takes up. A towel rail has more widely-spaced heating tubes so that you can warm or dry towels on it more effectively. The prime function of a radiator is to give out heat, whereas a towel rail has to be equally good at drying towels as it is at warming the room. Radiators are designed to transfer as much heat as possible from the hot water flowing through them to the air in the room. To this end they have additional fins and tightly-packed heating tubes.

More on Difference Between Towel Rails and Radiator

Towel rails are designed to be large enough to drape a large bath towel over. The draped towel will limit the amount of heat dissipated into the room, but the towel rail’s heating function is less important. Some towel rails do include a small compact-type radiator in the centre with widely spaced heating tubes around it. Towel rails also place a greater emphasis on aesthetics than radiators do. They have become popular because they provide a focal point in a bathroom, whereas without a chrome towel rail bathrooms usually have nothing that is designed to draw the eye to it.