Every finished product depends on accessories, for embellishment and increasing its nett worth by way of enhancement of utilitarian value, and adding to its grace and charm. In the case of radiators, accessories become a part and parcel of the product. Heating elements, thermostatic valves, pipes, brackets, supports all these accessories become an essential part of a radiator that is affixed within your premises.

  • Why Accessories

  • Why Accessories from Tivolis Design?

  • How To Buy Valves for Towel Rails and Designer Radiators

Why Accessories

Accessories increase the performance quotient and augment the beauty and grace of the product. The merchandise is crucial, but the accessories add to the radiator’s value. A radiator needs legs, brackets, or valves to be installed properly. In daily life, more time is spent on shopping for accessories than for clothes. That may not be the case as far as radiators are concerned, but there can be little doubt that accessories are as important as the product.

Why Accessories from Tivolis Design?

Accessories must have a classy look. They must be elegant and complement the product. In fact,  they must add to the value of the commodity. Tivolis offers products from renowned brands that are high on quality and appearance. At Tivolis Design, one not only has a wide choice in design and finesse, but also, the assurance that all the products carry the hallmark of quality. Purchasing from Tivolis gives you the satisfaction of a fair price, superior quality and great looks.        

How To Buy Valves for Towel Rails and Designer Radiators

You will need two valves for any towel rail that you connect to your heating system. One will be a wheelhead valve that you use to control the heat output of your radiator. The other is a lockshield valve that you will probably never touch.
You will need either straight or angled valves depending on the run of the pipework. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) are usually used by default in most installations, rather than the older manual valves. If you have chrome piping or plastic piping to your radiator or towel rail you will need special valves to ensure a leak-free system.